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A custom canvas service where we take your photos and produce them on a canvas print.

Welcome to the Plastic Art Section: Here you will find hand stencilled artwork on multiple pieces of 12 inch V

A unique and exclusive style of metal art and metal wall art.

Sepia is a natural colour tone, that is essentially made up of washed out Greens and Browns. Sepia naturally occurs i

Blue is surprisingly a favourite colour of many people, particularly men. Blue represents feelings of serenity &

Red is a deep, strong, dramatic colour. A geranium red or a Goya red are used like gold for furnishing a house For c

Cult art images produced in monotones of Black, White and Grey. Bring your favourite icons to life through mo

Purple is historically a symbol of royalty & wealth. Because it does not often occur in nature, it can sometimes a

White represents innocence or purity or. It is also described as chilled, bland, & sterile. Rooms painted white can a

Black Wall Art and Black Canvas Art

Black absorbs all other lights in the colour spectrum, due to its dark

Pink has always thought to have had a natural calming effect on people. Certain shades are even used in prisons to

0WHoArtNow on Channel 4
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WHoArtNow featured in new TV series on Channel4 - Get your house in Order - Air Date 5th April 2012.Featuring iconic Interior Designer Abigal Ahern, the series is based around a We were asked ... Read More
0100% Guarantee
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If you are not happy with your artwork, you can send it back, it is as simple as that.  It may not look right in your room, or be the way that you envisaged ... Read More
0Green Credentials
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At WHoArtNow we pride ourselves on being as as Eco Friendly as possible. We use pine wood from sustainable sources, Acid & Bleach free canvas media.  Our packing is produced from recycled materials, and we in turn  recycle 85% ... Read More

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WHoArtNow - Choose the very best in Canvas Prints and Canvas Art

WHoArtNow is a Co-op of artists, working to a similar goal - to produce high quality, innovative giclee art prints & canvas prints for you guys at a reasonable price.  There are no Banksy Knock-offs & Warhol Bootlegs here - just a selection of great art from some of the biggest names in the game & hotly tipped up & coming talent.  

We are ethical, we like to pay our artists, and put their art out on premium materials, whilst recycling and using sustainable, green materials & supplies wherever we can.  When you are searching for wall artcanvas prints, it is essential that to know that your chosen piece of art is of the highest quality, so expect the finest giclee fine art papers / cotton canvas / UV lightfast inks.  Top quality materials ensures that your canvas art retains its value and viewing for years to come. Don't be shy if you want to get in touch, drop us an email or call us on +441162986443. 

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Canvas Art, Canvas Prints and Wall Art

Welcome to Who Art Now, we have a wide selection of top quality, affordable canvas art for you to view that suites your own unique style. From modern canvas prints through to bespoke wall art we can offer you the choice of thousands of unique pieces of canvas art for any purpose.

Our categories of canvas art range from ever popular styles of pop, retro and street art through to more unique tastes in wall art such as abstract, bespoke and organic art. We only use the finest quality, high resolution artists canvas to manufacture our canvas prints, as a result we can ensure that your chosen piece of canvas art will remain in top condition for many years to come, however you choose to showcase it.

If you would like to brighten up your commercial or domestic property with something a little different why not try our hugely popular photo to canvas art and pop art to canvas print services. These styles of wall art bring your favourite images to life from photos that can often fade over time, to stunning pieces of canvas art that will increase the longevity and enjoyment of your photos.

Frazier Boyd, or simply "BOYD", as he is known on the streets, is an artist with a defining style. Consumed with his obsessing with surfaces textures, he spends a lot of his spare time looking for them & manipulating them into a piece of art. He tries to work in harmony with the environment, often disguising his art masterfully, as a chameleon would hide on a beautiful textured, coloured rock.

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seriously at the same time. The fact that he is consistantly experimenting with pushing new and experimental art in my eyes makes him an important & influential artist, that crosses boundaries.

stainless steel metal art

New Art: Abstract Metal Art from Lee Bradford

stainless steel metal art
The crew at WHoArNow are always keen to push new and innovative art, so we are proud to release this new range of original abstract metal art from Lee Bradford. Lee works with polished stainless steel due to it's reflective nature & it's natural ability to produce so many different types of polishing effects.

abstract metal art

These unique piece of abstract metal art have all been produced to the highest standard using the high grade stainless steel.

  • All pieces are weather proof & are will last outdoors.

  • These unique pieces of art are produced by hand using a wide range of polishing and grinding equipment.

stainless abstract metal art

All the metal art is made to order, so we can produce any in a variety of size. Click below to see the whole range or contact us for more informationview more metal art

Studio: WHoArtNow, 2nd Floor, Vinola House, 67-71 Bruin Street. Leicester, Leics. LE4 5AZ | Tel: +44 116 2986443

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