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The Most Popular Works of Pissarro Presented at the Ashmolean Museum

A show held in the Ashmolean Museum presents more than 50 of Pissarro’s most prominent works. Even though there are many contradicting opinions regarding the talent of Pissarro when it comes to impressionism art, many people gathered to explore some of his best creations. His art is often described as honest, pure, and sensational.

In the following paragraphs, we will deliver further information in regard to the exhibition, as well as Pissarro himself. Undeniably, he is one of the most notable French artists whose work is still eminent today. His portfolio is quite rich and various, so we will also make sure you familiarize yourself with some of his most popular paintings.

The Show at the Ashmolean Museum: A Tribute to Pissarro’s Art

As aforementioned, not all devotees of Impressionism believe that Camille Pissarro can be named one of the best ones. Nonetheless, his works and overall popularity are enough to prove that his art surely is outstanding. The Ashmolean Museum welcomed the very first visitors on February 18th. The interest in the exhibition was so great that the tickets were bought pretty quickly.

The last day of the show is June 12th, but unfortunately, there are no available tickets anymore. It was absolutely mandatory for individuals to book their entrance passes in advance. A major perk was that the price of the tickets was quite fair. The display features 120 works in total. 80 of them are Pissarro’s creations, including:

  • View from My Window
  • The Tuileries Gardens
  • Apple Harvest
  • Farm at Montfoucault
  • Snow Scene at Pontoise

Of course, visitors can enjoy many more works of art besides the one listed above. The rest of the paintings presented in the exhibition have been created by other talented artists who were close friends with Pissarro. What’s more, the event at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford will display a few works that have never been presented in the United Kingdom before.

Visitors’ Opinions on Pissarro’s Work

Those who managed to pay the exhibition a visit left with nothing but positive emotions. Some described his work as absolutely marvellous, and others shared the opinion that Camille Pissarro surely deserved this tribute. A few did not share these thoughts, and according to them, Pissarro’s work is prominent, but he’s definitely not the best artist in the Impressionism field.

With the upcoming sections, however, we’ll provide further information about his work and will most likely prove that he was, in fact, one of the best Impressionism artists of all time. We’ve collected relevant data with respect to Camille Pissaro’s love for painting, as well as his most prominent works.

Camille Pissarro: Dean of the Impressionist Painters

Pissarro was born in 1830. His interest in art first emerged when he was only 12 years of age. With years, this passion of his became stronger, and eventually, Camille Pissarro became a full-time painter. From the beginning of his career, Pissarro knew that art was his vocation. He and a very close friend of his moved to Venezuela, and during the time they lived there, Camille painted multitudinous paintings.

He was mostly interested in painting landscapes, which eventually resulted in the creation of numerous outdoor paintings. Even though Pissarro was quite skilled in what he was doing, he was positive that there was always room for improvement. That’s why, when he got back to France, he was taught by other painters about the specifics of Realism and Impressionism Art. He didn’t miss the opportunity to join a few painting classes, as well.

Nevertheless, the one painter that Pissarro was influenced the most was Jean Baptiste Camille Corot. Both of them were mesmerized by the beauty of nature and enjoyed painting outdoor scenes. In 1859, Pissarro’s first work was displayed at an exhibition. One of the things that made Camille Pissarro’s works distinguishable from the rest was the fact that he didn’t like taking a break.

In other words, the Frenchman would sit outside with his canvas and brushes and would complete his creation in a single session. Even though this would take a lot of time, the painter believed that this gave his works a more realistic and pure feeling.

Pissarro’s Most Prominent Paintings

During his career as a painter, Camille Pissarro created hundreds of works, some of which are still prominent today. At the exhibition organized at the Oxford-based Ashmolean Museum, people can see some of them. It is an undeniable fact that every professional and amateur artist has different preferences when it comes to a favourite painting by a particular painter. Nonetheless, there are several works by Pissarro that are considered not only his best works but as the best paintings ever created. A few of them are:

  • In the Woods
  • The Road
  • The Hay Cart
  • Entering the Forest of Marly
  • The Farm of Le Friche at Osny

Later, Pissarro started exploring other painting styles and methods, as well. He got quite fascinated with pointillism, which is a painting technique where the artist creates scenery by painting very small dots on the canvas. Pissarro also created several works in the Neo-Impressionism style. All in all, his career is long and quite turbulent. Despite this, he remains one of the best French artists of all time. The fact that the tickets for his exhibition got sold out so quickly is enough to show that his work is still praised after so many years.