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The Increase and Importance of Artwork in Casinos

Glitz, glamour, and excitement have always been linked with the casino sector. While some people may prefer to stay home and play blackjack online or scroll through the countless slots sites, many enjoy the experience of a night out at a...


A Special Exhibition in Honour of William Turnbull to Be Held in London

Offer Waterman has announced that a special exhibition in honour of the birth of William Turnbull will be organized. Turnbull was a well-known Scottish artist that died in 2012. The exhibition will take place at the Frieze’s Gallery Space in No.9 Cork Street in London and...

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Marina Abramovic Show in the Royal Academy of Arts in London

Marina Abramovic is a popular Serbian artist best known for her innovative approaches and unusual performances. It was announced that 2023 is the year when an exhibition of Abramovic will take place in the Royal Academy of Arts in London. In the last few...


The Most Popular Works of Pissarro Presented at the Ashmolean Museum

A show held in the Ashmolean Museum presents more than 50 of Pissarro’s most prominent works. Even though there are many contradicting opinions regarding the talent of Pissarro when it comes to impressionism art, many people gathered to explore some of his best...


Let’s Get to Know Each Other: The Beauty of Art Expressed on Our Blog

Welcome to our blog. We are incredibly happy to present our very first blog post. As you have probably figured out already, our website is entirely devoted to the beauty of art in all forms! Nevertheless, we assure you that...