joed mode funky graphic design canvas art

Joe'd Mode

Joe’d Mode is a passionate UK-based artist, specialising in quirky, innovative, fresh art that combines her photography, pen & ink illustrations, vector and digital skills to produce an intriguing mix of styles. Joe’d’s work is strongly influenced by her graphic design background and she still takes on interesting freelance graphic design projects to date. ‘I like to keep an eye on current/future trends in fashion, music, design, interiors, art . . . anything really that people are soaking up and then give it a whole new dimension.  In her words, "I like to mix old and new to challenge people’s preconceptions as to what art is and sometimes create pieces that trick the viewer and / or challenge their own thoughts – all in a playful way. To be able to create thought-provoking work that becomes very personal to somebody is hugely satisfying. I can articulate what I want to say in my artwork more than I ever could in words and it’s awesome that people can relate to it and enjoy it. I do have a soft spot for street art and I think my work is evolving to that particular style at present, but in the future who knows . . . mixing things up is what I love to do" - Joe’d Mode 2011.