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Oriental Sweetness Screen ShotOriental Sweetness is all about the Orient. Art that is heavily influenced by Asia and the East is prominent here. Oriental Art is no mystery to WHoArtNow, we have been producing and heavily pushing the Whole Japanese Floral Art style for as long as we can remember. There is something about Asian Art, it manages to be decorative & minimal, yet maintains intricacy, precision and detail. Contemporary, blown up sections of Oriental Art is just another concept that we have been pushing for years, way before everyone else! [Like 60's wallpaper, like Street Art on canvas.]

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Muted Rose Bud Abstract Canvas Print
Muted Rose Bud Abstract Can

Abstract Japanese Art with a cerise

Gold Leaf Rose Canvas Print
Gold Leaf Rose Canvas Print

A beautiful oriental inspired flora

Distressed Geisha Canvas Print
Distressed Geisha Canvas Pr

Distressed (i.e. the print is worn

Red Japanese Pods Canvas Print
Red Japanese Pods Canvas Pr

A vintage Japanese floral in vivid


Concrete Defeat Canvas Print
Concrete Defeat Canvas Prin

A floral explosion on a concrete ba

Eastern Textile Canvas Print
Eastern Textile Canvas Prin

Oriental inspired textile print in

Japanese Silhouette Floral Canvas Print
Japanese Silhouette Floral

Purple and pink floral illustration

Oriental Sweetness Canvas Print
Oriental Sweetness Canvas P

A bright and vivid Oriental inspire


Pixel Waves Abstract Canvas Print
Pixel Waves Abstract Canvas

A Green and Blue wave scene in heav

Japanese Pods Floral Canvas Print
Japanese Pods Floral Canvas

A rich and distressed Japanese flor

Floral Silhouette Floral Canvas Print
Floral Silhouette Floral Ca

Japanese inspired distressed print

Oriental Lilies Canvas Print
Oriental Lilies Canvas Prin

A Japanese inspired print of a macr


Pastel Veins Canvas Print
Pastel Veins Canvas Print

Pastel shades of Red and Purple mak

Red Japanese Silhouette Canvas Print
Red Japanese Silhouette Can

A Red and Cream floral silhouette o

Japanese Daffodils Floral Canvas Print
Japanese Daffodils Floral C

Japanese inspired distressed print

Trad Jap Canvas Print
Trad Jap Canvas Print

Tradition Japanese illustration of


Linear Flowers Floral Canvas Print
Linear Flowers Floral Canva

Japanese inspired linear flower pri

Eastern Stamens Canvas Print
Eastern Stamens Canvas Prin

This striking floral of Yellows, Bl

Rose Red Floral Canvas Print
Rose Red Floral Canvas Prin

Graphic Illustration of light Red a

Japanese Blossom Canvas Print
Japanese Blossom Canvas Pri

A Japanese cherry blossom silhouett


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