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Multi Part Art & Tryptics
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Multi Canvas Prints and Multi-Part Art

Something stylish, Contemporary and Unique is the concept behind this range of multi canvas prints. Using images from other section in the site, popular art has been re arranges, sliced and moved to form multiple part art images. Two piece, tryptch, quad pic and even nine pic canvas packs are available! Varying in sizes and arrangements, there’s plenty for everybody in this section of multi part canvas prints. Got a favourite image which is not available in this section? Get in contact and we can arrange something special for you.

You can use specials in all the same places you’d find the normal single panel images. Most of the specials are abstract, retro,cult or urba so great for living rooms and bedrooms. Some, notably the sweeping sets are even designed for stairs!

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Cascading Zest Quad Abstract Canvas Print
Cascading Zest Quad Abstrac

A very Zesty, Citrus flavoured casc

Pink Ambience Duo Print
Pink Ambience Duo Print

A minimal print reflecting a soft s

Tony Montana Triptych Canvas Print
Tony Montana Triptych Canva

A three panel canvas print of Al Pa

Gliding Triptych Photo Canvas Print
Gliding Triptych Photo Canv

Abstract Photograph of a swimming b


Digital Nucleus Duo Canvas Print
Digital Nucleus Duo Canvas

A highly abstract digital print of

The Sweetest Thing Abstract Canvas Print
The Sweetest Thing Abstract

The Sweetest Thing a piece of aqua

Quadrigeminal Yarn Quad Abstract Canvas Print
Quadrigeminal Yarn Quad Abs

A detailed piece of art based on Ja

Sumo Style Triptych Canvas Print
Sumo Style Triptych Canvas

An abstract pop art design based on


Split Pea Soup Abstract Canvas Print Set
Split Pea Soup Abstract Can

The classic "Pea Soup" print, rever

Urban Lustre Triptych Urban Canvas Print
Urban Lustre Triptych Urban

An abstract night scene of a tunnel

Sunset Scew Triptych Canvas Print
Sunset Scew Triptych Canvas

Bright & Vibrant abstract sunset: a

Black on Black Canvas Print
Black on Black Canvas Print

Black vintage wallpaper design on a


Pretty Pretty Introvert Triptych Abstract Canvas Print
Pretty Pretty Introvert Tri

A three part, juicy, peachy print,

Scarface Tri Triptych Canvas Print
Scarface Tri Triptych Canva

Based on the film classic from 1983

Urban Jogger Duo Canvas Print
Urban Jogger Duo Canvas Pri

An abstract digital print of a jogg

Colour My World Quad Abstract Canvas Print
Colour My World Quad Abstra

A set of four, vibrant digital colo


Quaternary Introvert Quad Abstract Canvas Print
Quaternary Introvert Quad A

A very flavoursome, peachy print, w

Bridget Bardot Canvas Print
Bridget Bardot Canvas Print

Bridget Bardot Four Piece Canvas Ar

Coldplay Duo Canvas Print
Coldplay Duo Canvas Print

Coldplay - The whole band. In class

Building Slums Quad Canvas Print
Building Slums Quad Canvas

An abstract four piece digital prin


Pixel Waves Abstract Canvas Print
Pixel Waves Abstract Canvas

A Green and Blue wave scene in heav

Manhattan By Night Triptych Urban Canvas Print
Manhattan By Night Triptych

A vibrant and bold urban triptych o

Lustrous Abstract Canvas Print
Lustrous Abstract Canvas Pr

Lustrous, a bright, fluorescent pri

Weller Triptych Canvas Print
Weller Triptych Canvas Prin

Iconic pop art image of Paul Weller


I Heart Sunrises Duo Canvas Print
I Heart Sunrises Duo Canvas

An abstract two piece urban sunrise

Neon Forest Triptych Abstract Canvas Print
Neon Forest Triptych Abstra

Neon Forest, a subtle mix of organi

Koffee Brown Abstract Canvas Print
Koffee Brown Abstract Canva

A two piece print in Coffee, mauve

Gold Fiction Triptych Canvas Print
Gold Fiction Triptych Canva

The movie known for its rich, eclec


Latte Stalks Triptych Canvas Print
Latte Stalks Triptych Canva

A three tone, latte / Mocha / cream

Highway to the Autobahn Triptych Canvas Print
Highway to the Autobahn Tri

A dramatic, US / German inspired pr

Pastel Veins Canvas Print
Pastel Veins Canvas Print

Pastel shades of Red and Purple mak

Doddery Triptych Canvas Print
Doddery Triptych Canvas Pri

Dark slate grey on a black backgrou


Gradial Wipe Triptych Canvas Print
Gradial Wipe Triptych Canva

A very bright diagonal fusion of co

Half Full Triptych Abstract Canvas Print
Half Full Triptych Abstract

A bright, intense swirling mass of

Oasis Badboy Triptych Canvas Print
Oasis Badboy Triptych Canva

Oasis - the whole band produced as

Street Race Triptych Urban Canvas Print
Street Race Triptych Urban

An abstract digital photo, blurred


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