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Written by WHoArtNow   
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 16:02

Hanging Canvas

So you've found the perfect canvas print, and it's just arrived. Hopefully your feeling chuffed with your choice of art and in going with WHoArtNow. But what now? How exactly do you hang a canvas print on the wall? There are many ways of doing it, but we think there are only 3 that are worth considering.

Wire Hanging

Wire Method:  Some people may already have a picture hanging set in their tool box and if so, you should find some art wire in there. To attach this wire to the canvas, screw a pair of small screws into the reverse of the canvas frame on the little lip. Then tie the wire to one of the ends. Now pull the wire nice and tight and wrap it around the other screw to keep the tension in the wire. Once the tension is high enough, tie the second side off. Now hammer a nail into the wall where you want to hang your canvas print. Hook the wire over the screw, make sure it's level by using a spirit level. Stand back and enjoy.

Mirror Hanging

Mirror Plates: These small brass plates are easily available from a lot of high street stores (Wilkinson's) or the larger DIY stores (B&Q) for small amounts of money. They come with the screws and are easy to use. There are two ways to mount them, on the outside (see picture left). This makes mounting easy. Once the mirror plates are on, and you've put two screws (and raw plugs) into the wall (remembering to use a spirit level to get them level) you just have to pop the hole in the mirror plate over the screw end and let the canvas drop into place. The other way to mount them is reversing the mirror plate so it's hidden on the inside. This is aesthetically better than having them on the outside, but makes it a lot harder to hook the mirror plates into the screw ends.

3M Command Strips3M Command Strip:  The final way we recommend you mount your canvas is by using the ingenious 3M Command Strips. We got some of these a couple of years ago to test and were amazed at how practical they are! What you buy is the heavy weight (3kg) bathroom hooks. Then attach the little sticky pad to the back of the hook, then attach the hook to the wall! Simple! Now wait an hour for it to bond properly (and of course use your spirit level if using more than 1 hook!) then just slot your canvas on to the hooks! We recommend you use 1 hook for the small canvases (upto 16"x16"), 2 hooks for medium (24"x16" - 48"x32") and 3 hooks for anything larger. Yes we admit this is the most expensive way to hang a canvas print, but they have one massive advantage. There's no drilling involved so no mess! Plus when you come to move (either house or just the print) you can not only peel off the sticky pad and reuse the hook, but the sticky pad leaves no residue or marks! Which is great if your in rented accommodation and can't drill holes.

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